About Us

Susi Varming

Hi, and thanks for visiting! My name is Susi. I am one of the founders of waterskistes.com, a software engineer, a singer/songwriter and a waterskier. I strongly believe in regular exercise, and in having a s much fun as you can while you do it, so waterskiing is the perfect sport for me.  I love to go places and waterski, especially to waterski sites I have not visited before, and especially when the trip can be combined with a competition - or best of all with visiting or meeting up with good friends.

During the summer months, my exercise consists mainly of water skiing, and some cardiovascular exercise in between, like running or biking. In the winter, I have this "no-exception-rule" and pretty strict schedule for exercising every morning before I go to work. To get it done with, in order to avoid internal discussions (inside the head:) about if and when and where, and in order not to procrastinate like I would of course do if it were not done with in the morning. Does it sound hard? Maybe, but the reason I manage to stay motivated to do it day after day and year after year is simple: I need to stay in shape, since the waterski season is only a few months away!

My ultimate dream would be to spend a whole year just going from waterski site to waterski site and do nothing but play and write music and of course waterski. We will see - maybe one day..

Jacky Jongenelen

Hi, I am Jacky and I am from The Netherlands. I have a big passion for water sports. Waterski is number one, but I also love scuba diving and swimming. And when I can’t ski, I like to run. I have got to know a lot of places just by running. Also, I like to take pictures of everything on or in the water or even underwater. Sometimes you will find me in the bushes, or in the water floating with my camera, waiting for the skiers to pass me by.

I love to travel with my ski and my camera and visit waterski sites around the world. Sometimes to watch a competition or just to ski and relax and have fun. Like Susi, I would like to be able to travel for a long time, just to ski, take pictures, write, run (and maybe scuba dive). So we are dreaming together…

In the meantime I am just going to keep on travelling. I have been to a lot of sites already, but I hope to discover more sites soon!