A perfect day-trip from Drepani Waterski resort.

Hydra is one of the most pitoresque and unspoilt Greek islands. It is located just off the coast of Peloponnese in the Aegean Sea, between the Saronic Gulf and the Argolic Gulf. Cars are forbidden by law!

West side of greek island Hydra.
West side of Hydra


From Drepani Waterskiresort, take a taxi to Glatas (5 minutes).

From Galatas take the boat to Poros (5 minutes).

From Poros take the Flying Dolphin to Hydra (25 minutes).


Christina's & Manolis are good options for Greek food. Sunset is great for lunch – in spite of the slightly misleading name - their lamb is delicious - and so is he view. Located to the right of the harbor, on the way to Kamini. Caprise, serving fabulous pasta, is not far from Bratsera. Veranda, Sahini Street, top romantic terrace restaurant with a nice view of the city.


Hydra is the perfect day trip from Drepani, but if you want to spend a night or two, there are numerous possibilities: If only the best is good enough: Brats. Other good options are Miranda, Orloff, Leto and Aqua Vista Collection.


Not much, fortunately! Sunbathe and rock bathe, take walks on the beach, take a donkey ride, rent a taxi or excursion boat to go around the island, take a walk up to one of the monasteries, maybe Prophetias Elias, takes approx. 2 hours, wonderful view. Visit the Maritime Museum, to see a fine collection of artifacts from the island's greatness in the 1700-1800s.


Camini beach is only about a ten minutes walk from the port. To walk to Vlikos beach will take approximaetely half an hour. Bring a thick towel and maybe a yoga mat, since the baches are flintstone beaches. My favorite: Find a small and peaceful bay where you can lie in the sun and bathe from the cliffs.

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Botaski Sesena Waterski

One of the few places I always seem to be going back to ski is Botaski Seseña Waterski Complex. This place is probably known to a lot of competition skiers because of the many times they hosted European and World Championships but this is also a great place to stay for a week to do some slalom training. Although they also coach tricks, jump and wakeboard, but you will find mainly slalom skiers at this waterski school.

Botaski Sesena Waterski Family
The Botas family

The best way to get there by plane is to fly to Spain’s capital Madrid and then it is only a half an hour drive to the Waterski site. The school is run by the Botas family. Ricardo Botas is driving the boat (a brand new 2019 Ski Nautique), his wife Cristina and both their daughters Nadine and Sandra are also driving and coaching. And they do this very well, they have that special touch that builds up your confidence (which I lack sometimes) and make you perform better. Together with son-in-law Ivan and their lovely dogs, they always make you feel very welcome. I feel like coming home every time I visit.

The waterski school is based in Seseña, only a few kilometers from the city Aranjuez. This city is well known for its Royal Palace and Gardens. It is a charming little city where you can have a walk in the Palace garden with its statues and fountains or in one of the many parks in the city. Especially in the mornings, when it is not that hot yet, I like to go for a run or walk in the park. A perfect way to start my day!

I always book a hotel in the city center, so I can just walk into the city center at night to after a long day of skiing. During the day the city is visited by many tourist busses but when they leave at the end of the day, it is nice and quiet with only the locals left. It is so nice to leave my hotel on foot, find a nice restaurant, and enjoy a nice glass of wine and some typical Spanish cuisine and taste the local athmosphere.

Check out my other post about my three favorite restaurants in Aranjuez.

Tips about what to do around Seseña, you can read in this post.

You can read all about visiting the palace and the gardens in this post.

For more information you can visit the ski school’s website www.botaski.com. They are also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Botaski-Sesena-Waterski-Complex-151467017922/ and on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/botaskicomplex/?hl=en

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Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Lago los Morros, San Bernardo, Chile. Weather: Sunny, hardly any wind, temperature around 27 deg C / 68 deg F. Finals start, Saturday Dec 1st 2018 - the same day as the launch date for this blog.

Lago Los Morros, San Bernardo, Chile. Photo: Jackie Jongenelen
Lago Los Morros, San Bernardo, Chile. Photo: Jacky Jongenelen



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Been to many sites, this is without doubt one of the better places to ski. Plus: Great site, highly skiable. Minus: The traffic situation in and around Santiago de Chile. Tip: Find a place nearby to stay - and avoid the traffic in the city centre during rush hours!

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