Autumn Depression Remedy - Gym Video 1

Has the autumn depression set in, and does life seems pointless, boring and empty without your daily - or at least weekly - ski-fix? Does it get worse as fast as the days go shorter?

Despair not, are here to brighten your path, and best of all, you can choose to contribute and - splash - the meaning of life is restored!

All you need to do, is send us one or more video(s) of your favourite gym exercise(s). It can be a link to Youtube, or it can be a video you made yourself. It can be serious or funny, and you can look autumn-depressed, stressed out and flabby, or you can look happy, relaxed and in super good shape - like our first contributor, Anders Foss!

If you want your video published on our website, please send us the video or the link via messenger. We cannot promise to post every video, but we can promise to try. Alternatively, you can post on our Facebook Page, and it will be live instantly.

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