Hydra - The Island without Cars

A perfect day-trip from Drepani Waterski resort.

Hydra is one of the most pitoresque and unspoilt Greek islands. It is located just off the coast of Peloponnese in the Aegean Sea, between the Saronic Gulf and the Argolic Gulf. Cars are forbidden by law!

West side of greek island Hydra.
West side of Hydra


From Drepani Waterskiresort, take a taxi to Glatas (5 minutes).

From Galatas take the boat to Poros (5 minutes).

From Poros take the Flying Dolphin to Hydra (25 minutes).


Christina's & Manolis are good options for Greek food. Sunset is great for lunch – in spite of the slightly misleading name - their lamb is delicious - and so is he view. Located to the right of the harbor, on the way to Kamini. Caprise, serving fabulous pasta, is not far from Bratsera. Veranda, Sahini Street, top romantic terrace restaurant with a nice view of the city.


Hydra is the perfect day trip from Drepani, but if you want to spend a night or two, there are numerous possibilities: If only the best is good enough: Brats. Other good options are Miranda, Orloff, Leto and Aqua Vista Collection.


Not much, fortunately! Sunbathe and rock bathe, take walks on the beach, take a donkey ride, rent a taxi or excursion boat to go around the island, take a walk up to one of the monasteries, maybe Prophetias Elias, takes approx. 2 hours, wonderful view. Visit the Maritime Museum, to see a fine collection of artifacts from the island's greatness in the 1700-1800s.


Camini beach is only about a ten minutes walk from the port. To walk to Vlikos beach will take approximaetely half an hour. Bring a thick towel and maybe a yoga mat, since the baches are flintstone beaches. My favorite: Find a small and peaceful bay where you can lie in the sun and bathe from the cliffs.

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