Ready for a little pain? The ultimate cold-water-warm-hands-trick

For many water skiers one of the biggest problems when skiing in cold water is the ice cold wind against the hands, the acing pain that comes creeping to only get worse and worse, until reaching its absolutely unbearable peak when the fingers finally are getting warmed up again...

But there is a trick - yes trick! Because that is exactly what it is. You trick the body into understanding that the hands need to be warmed up.

- But that´s not a trick, that´s the brutal truth, you may be thinking, and you are actually right. The trick is to get the body to warm the hands up in advance, and probably produce some endorphins against the pain, so that when you start your ski set, they are already warm. And feel even warmer! You kind of take the pain in advance, in order to be able to ski in peace.

I learnt this trick from my mother, now 91 years old, she used to windsurf a lot up in Spitzbergen, Svalbard at 78 degrees north when she was in her sixties, so I promise you she knows what she´s talking about!

If you are skiing in cold water, try it out and feel free to let us know how it went!

1. Get ready for a little pain.

2. Roll up your sleeves.

3. Hold your hands into the water as long as you can (don't worry, it won't be very long).

4. Dry your hands and put on your warmest winter gloves, or even better - mittens.

5. Go for a long warm-up-run to really get that blood flowing.

6. Now go and ski.

Sylvia is demonstrating the ultimate cold-water-warm-hands-trick. We don´t blame her for not putting her hands all the way into the water on the first day. It takes some practice to be able to take this kind of pain! After a few trials though, you get used to it. In the end you might even start to like it! Especially when you discover how magically well it works.

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