The Start of the New Waterski Season part 1

Now the season has started, we asked some skiers what they did in winter to stay in shape and how their season started.

We start with Frank Schulze from Fischlham, Austria. He shares his plan and tips for this year’s season.

I started slalom skiing in 2001 with 1@52 18,25m. I worked for 7 years to ski 12m in a tournament in 2007. After another 7 years I was able to to run 11,25m in a tournament in 2014. My tournament PB is 5@10,75 55km/h in 2017. Bronze Medal EM 2013 Silver Medal EM 2014

My start in a new season

The water is 4 degrees, the air is 8 degrees. All my stuff must be warm. My ski, binding, gloves, suits and handle all are warmed up until 28 degrees. I dress up in a warm container of 28 degrees. I jump start from the dock and ski a set with 6 passes without the course and I don’t stop between passes. Then it’s back to the dock. I don’t touch the water because it´s 4 degrees cold. I do this 5 times in 10 days. The next 10 days I ski on the 14m rope, 4 or 6 times in a row if it´s possible. I don’t stop between the passes.

Now my body is shaped for the real training.

Yes, I train hard. But it is not enough. I must train harder, because most of the skiers around the world have a better technique than I and they train with coaches in Florida. My goal is running the 11,25m rope on every lake and in every tournament. And my secret goal is running 10,75m in training on my home lake.

My skiing season

1. you need time 2. have a training plan and a buddy to train with 3. have a big and a rewarding goal 4. never stop training for the entire year 5. ski on the water from February to December 6. ski 2 or 3 sets in slalom 5 days a week from May to October 7. ski always in tournament mode, don’t go with the speed down or ski with a driver that doesn’t drive straight 8. ski 6 times in a row with the start line in the beginning of the season 9. ski killer sets, start cold from the dock with 13, 12 and 11m 10. ski a lot of 13m and a lot of 12m passes 11. think before you ski about what you want to do, find your focus 12. let someone video your skiing and then analyze the mistakes and find the solutions 13. do mountain biking 2-3 times a week to relax 14. take a 45 min. body massage weekly to relax 15. you must be a little crazy 16. work on the solutions and not on the mistakes 17. the most of the people helping you, tell you your mistakes, just a handful have positive words and give you a solution 18. never give up 19. ski always with a smile on your face 20. carpe diem

Off Season

I keep in shape by doing snow skiing, crossfit, biking and hill climbing.

Last winter I did:

30 days of snow skiing, not like a tourist, but like a GS or SG skier with real carving turns 10 Races in a GS or SG Tournament 25 times ski touring 20 times workout in a gym or a crossfit training 10 times indoor biking on a home trainer 10 times hill climbing/walking

After 18 years of being a little crazy and hard work, I am ranked in slalom in the Top 10 in Europe and number 28 in the World.

I never went in Florida for winter training, I did it all in Fischlham, Austria.

This is my plan.

Text and photos by Frank Schulze

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