The Start of the New Waterski Season part 3

The last few weeks, we asked skiers what they did in winter to stay in shape and how their season started. In part 1 Frank Schulze from Fischlham, Austria shared his plan and tips for this year’s season. Last week in part 2 Rikos Zervopoulos showed us how he started his season at Kaiafas Lake in Greece.

Today in part 3, we have reports from Hungary, Finland, Austria, Sweden and Norway.

At Sylvia Lake in Hungary they only stopped skiing for a short period. Gabor Nemeth and his team skied until the lake was frozen, his wife Szilvia writes. Then the lake was frozen for almost one month and they were forced to take a rest. As soon as the ice started to melt, they broke it with the boat. Winter skiing went on like this: sauna, ski, sauna, ski, sauna, ski, … etc. etc. In winter they skied four times a week, but they had to use the sauna every time.

Laura Lammi from Finland did a litte cross-country skiing and went to a training group to stay fit during winter. She also did some snowboarding for fun. In Finland they still have so much ice on the lake that you can drive a car on it. The end of April it will finally melt and they start skiing right away when there is no ice floating around. That is usually around the 1st of May.

Every spring, Laura used to go abroad to ski. Usually to Cory Pickos and sometimes to Laghetto in Sperlonga in Italy. This year she will start in Finland.

Volker Engelhardt’s ski club in Tulln an der Donau, Austria is almost ready for the season. Last week they put in the slalom buoys and this week they got to ski.

Ambjörnarps Water Ski Club
Ambjörnarps Water Ski Club

At Peter Svensson’s club in Sweden, the Ambjörnarps Water Ski Club, they haven't started waterskiing yet. Peter writes: “Normally we start mid April, since the ice normally stays on till then. This year it went off early, which was perfect since we're changing our slalom course this year and we could start that work last Saturday. So we have the new course in till Easter weekend and then we put the boat in”.

Waterski SIAP Skarnes Norway
SIAP Skarnes

Lasse Johnson from Norway writes that it is still winter in Norway. His waterski lake at SIAP Skarnes will hopefully be open by the end of April. Lasse went to the Worlds 35+ in Chile and after the Worlds he has been skiing and snowboarding in the mountains every weekend. And he went to the gym three times a week to build (and keep) strength and stamina. He hopes that this will make the transition to waterskiing a little bit easier and less painful. Lasse will go to Jolly Ski San Gervasio in April to train a few days with Genadi Guralia.

Waterski Lake Finland

Finally, this is the lake where Jutta Lammi skies in Finland. The lake is still frozen, Antti Laakso writes, but they are hoping to start skiing very soon!

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