The Start of the New Waterski Season part 4

The last few weeks, we asked skiers what they did in winter to stay in shape and how their season started. You can read that in part 1, part 2 and part 3.

Today Natasha Anderberg shows us how she stays fit during the winter. Natasha is a competitive waterskier, at this moment she is ranked no. 11 in slalom on the IWWF World ranking list 2018 in the +35 division.

Natasha Anderberg Waterski

I started waterskiing when I was 15 - so I have been skiing for more than 30 years!! At the age of 45, waterskiing is a major part of my life but I also work full time (with human resources for the Swedish Government) and I am taking care of my 2 sons that play icehockey AND trying to be a good wife (married since 20 years).

I live in Sweden so the waterski season is very short and intense. I normally start skiing in the middle/end of April and ski until September. At the beginning, its very cold (and dark) so very shorts sets! We start skiing pretty much when the ice in the lake melts...

Natasha Anderberg doing yoga and exersises

During the off season I do a lot of training - I love training of all sorts! I wake up 04:55 am every morning and do 45 minutes of yoga or mobility before I go to work and 3- 4 nights per week I go to the gym and do strength work. I mostly do body weight training and have been working a lot with loaded mobility. The older I get, the more I need mobility work! I also do cardio such as walking, jogging and cross country skiing (when we have snow)! The purpose with the off season training is to have FUN and also to be bulletproof and ready for the Waterski season!

I have skied one time this year - April 7 air was 8C water 10C. It was cold but I had no problem to ski 6 passes with short stops in between with a 2mm Camaro wetsuit and a Beanie hat! The hands are worst since you get numb after a few passes.

I look forward to a fun season 2019 - will sneak off to Greece during the Easter holidays to ski with friends for some days - waterskiing and tournaments is not only skiing but also very social for me!

If you want to stay fit like Natasha does, here's a video with some great exercises...

Text, photos and videos by Natasha Anderberg

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