What to do around Seseña when you are at the E&A Open Waterski 2019 at Botaski

Next week the 2019 IWWF Europe and Africa Open Championships will take place at the Botaski Seseña Waterski Complex. I assume you will know about this excellent place to ski in Spain, but in case you haven't, then you should read this post about the ski school.

Although Botaski is a good place to stay with the wonderful Botas family making sure you are having a great time there, you don't want to spend the entire day hanging around at the lake. Especially when the competition hasn't started yet.


Only a short drive from the ski site, Aranjuez is the first place you should visit. The main attraction in Aranjuez is the Royal Palace (Palacio Real). It is a former summer palace used by kings and queens, a big structure with towers and arcades and with expansive gardens around it. You can read all about visiting the palace and the gardens in this post.

Aranjuez is also a great place to go out to eat. Check out this post about my three favorite restaurants in Aranjuez.


Toledo is the city of three cultures, the Christian, Jewish and Arab. These cultures lived together for centuries and built churches, fortresses, palaces, mosques and synagogues. Toledo has one of Spain’s largest historic centers, with over 100 monuments. It is a real open-air museum, and it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1986. The best way to explore this walled city is on foot, but be warned, some of the narrow streets can be very steep!

Our tip for Toledo: visit the Mirador del Valle, the viewpoint outside the city. The perfect view of the city!

You can read more about Toledo on the Visit Toledo site.


Chinchón is best visited at night to have dinner at the Plaza Mayor. This medieval square with houses with balconies has lots of restaurants and it is even possible to dine on one of the balconies, so you will have a great view of the square.

More about Chinchón you can find on their tourism website.

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